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A Day In Felton California

Why go now? This redwood-shaded town has a cozy vibe.

The facts of a situation: We’re talking small. Two regular streets. And those cars you see going down State 9 are maybe on their way to the big city.

More Grill but more Cowboys! A family own place that warms you up the moment you walk in – Cowboy Bar & Grill and

Steam train horn whistle ? In the 19th century, steam engines dominate and hauled logged redwoods. Go back a century and ride on an 1890 train

Cool Down and Heat Up: Weather can go from 50° and foggy to sunny.

When it’s hot: Wander through the redwoods on your next trip and chilled with a glass of unoaked Chardonnay at Beauregard

Are you a believer? Listen to the story of the famous Bigfoot. In the museum, you’ll find footprint casts, a map of Bigfoot sightings, and Bigfoot statue.

Felton CA | Felton California Hotels, Restaurants …
Our interactive map of Felton, CA lets you view traffic and satellite images, find local govt and businesses, and print or send driving directions to your phone.
Felton, California –
Felton, California detailed profile. … See promotion details and to upload your Felton, California photos. OSM Map; General Map; Google Map; MSN Map.
Roaring Camp Railroads | Felton, CA | Santa Cruz County
Roaring Camp Railroads takes visitors back in time on scenic train rides through the Redwoods of the Santa Cruz Mountains and to the Santa Cruz Beach …

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